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mjolnir - deep desert mining facility - a concept focused on gathering deep earth resources such as oil, gold, silver.
the desert facility is a vast compound located in the middle of the desert, flanked by 4 border cranes connected with each other by suspended transport bridges.
the mjolnir is the main earth hammer located in a center of the compound. the drill is covered with modular cubics which create vertical structure around the mjolnir. cubics are filled with research facilities and some of them, transport workers.
while the hammer pounds the earth, the compound is covered with dust and dirt. the yellow extraction pipes are getting rid of useless soil.
facility workers gather around the hammer to discuss work issues while solar panels collect energy for further work. all of this happens on the horizontal main platform which suspends the mjolnir. containers with material goods lift up by cranes, while scientists in modular labs work on the quality of possessed goods.

every object or mesh used in the model was created by jakub pietryszyn. no external assets were used.

echoes of the future is a mini-series presenting the futuristic design of industrial facilities on a dystopian earth. mankind is a well-known species designed and shaped for exploration and conquer. Despite the damage we do to our home, earth, our lust for the unknown pushes us further and further. mini-series consists of 5 speculative concept projects, focused on industrial/scientific relations between mankind and earth.